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Karmen, aka Miss K, is a freestyle artist has been creating customized tattoo designs since 2014. And later in mid 2017, she started up THink, a private studio currently located in Central.

In THink, we believe working with our clients together is the best way to create the one and only tattoo for you. To achieve that, we preferred meeting you in person.

During the consultation, we would provide our professional advices based on your thoughts and ideas, and that deliver the best result for you and on you.

Let’s create your unique artwork, inspire me with your story at our in-person consultation. Your tattoo will be specially designed with your body and skin in mind.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment.

*Cover ups are welcome.

M y W o r k s


Black and grey


C o n t a c t m e

by appointment only

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I n k s

Our inks are all sourced directly from USA.

The Solid Ink | Eternal Ink | Fusion Ink

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